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Pure Maple Syrup Grades Explained

How is maple syrup graded?

The USDA has issued new rules for grading maple syrup All producers must now use labels with the new grading system for maple syrup

The International Maple Syrup Institute (IMSI) proposed these grade changes to improve clarity in the maple syrup industry With the new grades in place, it’s much easier for consumers to understand the flavor of each grade The descriptive flavors clearly outline the maple syrup scale, from the most delicate to the most hearty

The Canadian government has also accepted the new maple syrup grading system According to Emily Hogeveen,

There are now two primary maple syrup classifications, with additional sub categories based on color and flavor profiles, which are outlined below and included in this clearly-illustrated Maple Syrup Grades infographic To ensure that private resellers and food industry professionals are still guaranteed the exact flavor profile they need, Bascom Family Farms will still maintain our proprietary “seven-tiered” grading process

The new grades refer directly to the color and taste of the sap, which varies throughout the sugaring season Syrup produced earlier in the season tends to be lighter in color and more subtle in flavor Dark robust syrup is produced later in the season As it has been for generations, the process to produce maple syrup is fundamentally the same across all gradesNow Foods Organic Pure Maple Syrup, Grade BCertified Organic.

Remember, the new maple syrup grades only apply to pure maple syrup, not imitation breakfast syrups or other fake products While “Grade B” no longer exists (it is replaced with Grade A Dark Color, Robust Flavor), there are still two primary grades of 100% real maple syrup with clear and helpful descriptors

Next steps with new maple grades

You can start by right-clicking the image below and downloading this infographic:

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