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Where to Buy Pu Erh Tea in Singapore?

Have you been asking where to Buy Pu Erh Tea in Singapore at bargains? We have what you’re looking for Our Pu Erh Tea are sourced from reputable suppliers from Yunnan Yunnan province produces the vast majority of Pu Erh tea Indeed, the province is the best source of the Pu Erh tea in the worldLongRun Tea Room Address 02274, Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard Tel 6333 4020 Opening hours Daily 11am10pmcredit Tea Chapter Trading Pte LtdQuaint teahouse setting adds a novelty factor Tea Chapter Address 9 11 Neil Road Tel 6226 1917 Opening hours SunThu 11am10. Pu Erh is produced in almost every county and prefecture in the province

The culture of tea drinking and tasting are not only enjoyed by Chinese but also non-Chinese alike Tea drinking is not only for refreshment but medicinal effect due to antioxidant found in certain teas

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