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Cleaning With Castile Soap – 11 Simple Recipes

Put it in your cleaning binder or just pin it and reference it as needed – happy cleaning! Looking for more DIY Homemade Cleaning Recipes? Check out this series

What’s your favorite way to clean with castile soap?

Don’t know what castile soap is??

It’s an all natural vegetable soap

Castile soap is usually soap made with straight olive oil, not including coconut or other oils the definition seems to have changed recently

Hi – found my way here from new nostalgia I love these I already have most of these recipes but it s such a pain to have to look them up in my clean and green book each time I need a new batch I’m going to print these put and laminate them and keep them in the kitchen This will be so much easierWould you consider putting these printables into a higher resolution something closer to 300dpi PNG files print at web resolution 72dpi and these print very faint. And prettier

Hi there, in your castile soap recipes do you Dr Bronners liquid soap or the bar soap? Thanks

Liquid in everything except the powdered laundry detergent 🙂

Thanks Becky, Looking forward to trying some of the recipes

Would you consider putting these printables into a higher resolution (something closer to 300dpi)? PNG files print at web resolution (72dpi) and these print very faint

I think you’re looking at the picture of the printable – click on the link for the pdf It should open in googledocs – if that doesn’t work let me know and I can send them to you via email

I agree, mine printed out very lightly and I have fresh color ink installed It’s hard to see the ‘white’ text on the light gray background as well

And thank you for this great list I have always used non-caustic products from a specific company, was running low and wanted to just *try* Dr Bronner’s as an extra/fill-in

I love these printables, however, when I print them the headings in each of the boxes get all jumbled I have a Mac I am using the current Acrobat Reader and printing from Acrobat Reader It shows up great in Reader…but it doesn’t print that way Any ideas? Have you encountered this problem?

Hi Heather! Make sure you don’t have it in ‘preview’ There’s something with MAC OSX that defaults to preview instead of Adobe Reader Once you’ve verified that, make sure you have the most updated version of Adobe Reader (free):

Let me know if you have any questions!

It’s using Adobe Reader and it’s the latest version It’s weird because It prints as it would show up in Preview, even though I’m using Adobe Reader and it’s printing menu I’ll try to see if there is something in my settings, but is there anyway to get these besides through google docs? I noticed the font was different in the google docs

If you email me I can send them to you that way instead of going through googledocs 🙂

I just used your soft scrub recipe, and oh my heck…I love it Super easy to use, cleaned nice, rinsed great, and smelled wonderful All without those caustic smells Thank you so much

Hi Becky! What is “super washing soda?” I am planning to use what’s left of our cleaning supply’s and detergent and switch to your cleaning recipes! Eeeek so exciting!

It’s a detergent booster and household cleaner sold under the Arm & Hammer brand name – you can find it at Target and Wal-Mart Here’s a link on Amazon:

I have a question about the counter cleaner Why rubbing alcohol? Does it at as anti-bacterial? Do you think I could use vinegar instead? The recipes looks great thank you

Vinegar and castile soap gets a little bit sludgy and you don’t want to use vinegar on marble or granite

I made up a batch of soft scrub recently with baking soda and Dr Bronner liquid and have never looked back It works as well on my marble tile countertops and stainless steel sink as Soft Scrub (which is a pain to use IMO and smells like an industrial solvent) plus I don’t have to worry about using it on dishes and cooking utensils

My only complaint is that the unscented Dr Bronner liquid can be hard to find I use it for a number of things around the house and I prefer adding different scents as desired Citrus soft scrub, yes Lavender body wash, yes Lavender soft scrub, hmmm

I get the unscented from Amazon 🙂

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