Grapefruit seed extract for toenail fungus*

59 Home Remedies for Diarrhea

Stops diarrhea

Michy from Jamaica

The corn starch enema

Sophia from Melbourne Florida

Hand held bidet

David Stanley from San Diego

Grandpa's remedy

Carlton from Colorado

Psyllium husk

Best home remedy for diarrhea

1 glass of black tea 2 teaspoon of honey 1 lemon juice Mix together and drink twice a day

Beril George from Kuwait

Works wonders

Jesus from Phx, AZ


Works quickly

Gloria Horne from Lincoln Nebraska

For diarrhea

Sugar, Salt and Water

1 Clean Water - 1 liter - 5 cupfuls (each cup about

2Effective Remedies For Ingrown ToenailsAlso known as onychocryptosis, an ingrown toenail is a painful condition of the toe. Sugar - Six level teaspoons

3 Salt - Half level teaspoon

4 Stir the mixture till the sugar dissolves